Sean Spiteri

SEAN SPITERISean’s Elvis tribute act portrays Elvis Presley at the peak of his career focusing on the early concert years of Presley when he returned to Las Vegas in 1969/1970 and re-claimed his status as the ‘greatest entertainer of all time’. Sean has the voice, the raw and sharp authentic movies, the physical presence of Presley in this particular era when Elvis was full of energy and was just electrifying to watch on stage!

It all started for Sean Spiteri when he was just three years old! The 1968 Comeback Special is how Sean came to learn about Elvis Presley. It was in this particular show that Sean was just mesmerised by The King! He watched the 68 Comeback Special over and over again, singing and re-enacting the whole show from start to finish in front of the TV just trying to sing like Elvis and move like Elvis! He became an instant fan of Presley at 3 years old!

At the tender age of nine years old Sean Spiteri was paying tribute to Elvis Presley for public audiences. Sean states ‘I started performing professionally at nine years old  but my actual passion for performing as Elvis was at three’.

SEAN SPITERI PHOTO 3The word for Sean Spiteri when you see him perform live is “Passion”. Sean has a devoted passion to paying tribute to Elvis Presley in an authentic way, so much so that he gets his actual ’Elvis Costumes / Outfits’ from America recreated authentically to the exact original costumes and suits of the man who designed Elvis’s clothing from 1968-1977, Bill Belew Elvis’s original tailor.

Sean Luke Spiteri was the Winner of the Viva Surfers Paradise Elvis Tribute Contest in 2014 and ranked #1 Australia’s Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist. A two time winner of the Victorian / Australian Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest (2012 and 2014) which has led him to performing in Memphis Tennessee USA and has been ranked ‘Top 29 Elvis Tribute Artists in the World’ twice. Endorsed by “Elvis Presley Enterprises Graceland.

Sean says ‘All these years, I have just wanted to express my love and passion for Elvis and perform all around the world with my authentic Elvis Tribute and now that dream has become a reality’. This is Sean Spiteri’s story!

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